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Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do, which literally means "the way of the empty hand," is a traditional and authentic Korean martial art.  Students are taught traditional philosophy and fundamental skills through our martial arts to better and enrich their lives.  Hand and feet techniques are learned, promoting self-defense and the ability to protect oneself from conflict, attackers, bullying, or any other adversity. 


Master Y. D. Kim has trained and practiced traditional Dae Han Kumdo in Seoul, South Korea.  Master Y. D. Kim was taught by Grandmaster Lee who has taught many professional athletes and actors.  Kumdo is a complement to traditional Tang Soo Do training and is available to both children and adults.

Little Masters Program

Martial arts for children 3 - 4 years of age

  • Carefully designed classes for 3 - 4 year old children

  • Traditional martial arts skills taught through engaging activities

  • Improves focus, strength, self-control, coordination, health, discipline, respect for oneself and others

  • Students learn traditional Korean terminology

  • Students learn and practice real-life safety skills

Women's Self-Defense

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